Drop Shipping


All Things Luxury offers a vast selection of high quality jewelry and accessories at a fraction of the price you would find in popular retail outlets. Our items are up to 75% off retail, making drop shipping jewelry incredibly profitable. 


How do I drop ship?


Drop shipping is a very easy process. You find the products you wish to promote on our website. You use our images and create a new description (this is a must for google) on your own website, eBay, Amazon or any other auction website you deem best. You then set your price above our price, the difference will be your profit.


Once your item sells, you simply visit our website and purchase your item. Your item will ship with no indication that it came from our website as long as you indicate that it is a drop ship in the checkout comments section.


On top of all this we will give you an additional discount of 10% off all our jewelry products, as long as you contact us here first and apply to be a drop shipper. Once approved, we will send you your drop shipper code to get your discount.



Our inventory is constantly being updated and includes the latest styles and trends. Some of our hottest selling items are: 


1. Charms 
2. Chain Link Bling Necklaces 
3. Simulated Engagement Rings 
4. Bridal Jewelry 
5. Men's Bling Rings 
6. Plus much, much more, check us out! 


So lets lay out the benefits once more:



1) You get access to our vast selection of inventory and quality goods.

2) You don't need to purchase any inventory unless you make a sale!

3) You don't need to package and ship any goods! We take care of it for you.

4) You get an additional permanent discount of 15% as long as you pre-register here as a drop shipper


So if you are interested in a high profits and easy sales, then you have come to the right place. We have in demand items, we have a state of the art website, we accept multiple payment methods and our prices are amazing. 

So what are you waiting for? Join as a dedicated drop shipper hereIt as easy as that!